We hear the phrase grassfed beef often, but what does that really mean? Does it mean the cows are fed grass and only grass their entire lives? Or does it mean they are grass “finished,” but fed corn prior to that?

And what about the quality of the grass?

We tend to visualize grassfed beef coming from cows strolling slowly through lush pastures and soaking up the sun. But just because a cow is 100% grassfed doesn’t mean that the grass is organic, or especially nutritive. The truth is that 100% grassfed beef could very well come from cows that eat grass from pastures sprayed with chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

Thinking about all this is enough to make your head hurt. But, we’ll make it simple for you and give you the facts on our grassfed beef. Okay, here goes:

  • calves nurse their actual mother from birth through weaning at about 8 months, never getting any artificial milk replacer
  • they are raised on pasture every day of their life
  • we organically manage our pastures, applying no chemicals or ANY inputs whatsoever
  • we rotationally graze our cows, moving them daily to fresh pasture in season (April – December)
  • in the winter, they are fed organic hay from our pastures

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