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Cooperstown Maple Works is a small agroforestry business focused on the production of pure maple syrup and custom wood products. We are located in the hills overlooking the famous Village of Cooperstown NY, known for its rich history, beautiful Otsego Lake and as the birthplace of baseball. We are a family owned business operated by Ralph & Debbie Morse.

Our story started in 1971 when Ralph’s father purchased 150 acres of forestland and former dairy pasture. Up until 2019, the property was mostly used as a vacation spot for leisure and recreation. However, in addition to pursuing a college degree in geology during the mid 1980’s, Ralph produced several small batches of maple syrup by collecting sap from trees on the land, thus starting his love affair with Pure NY Maple syrup. Sugar making was subsequently put on hold after Ralph graduated from college and spent the next 30 years working in the environmental consulting and engineering field.

After retiring from consulting in 2019, the love of sugar making came back to life with the purchase of a wood fired evaporator and the installation of a maple sap collection system. Our maple operation has grown from about 400 taps in our first year to our current size of about 1350 taps. We are in the process of constructing a new sugar house and upgrading our operations to support a target tap count of about 2,500.

During the winter and spring seasons our attention is focused on the collection of maple sap and the production of our pure maple syrup. During the summer and fall seasons, we shift our attention to the sustainable management of our forestlands, the improvement/expansion of our sugarbushes and creation of our custom wood products.

Although we do not operate a farm stand on the property, our maple syrup and custom wood products are available for purchase at local farmers markets, craft shows and of course our website.

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